The Weekly Grind

Get on the Cross Train!

Runners are a stubborn, routine driven bunch when it comes to switching up workouts. But this lack of variety can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Cross-training, while at times difficult to fit into a training plan, is essential to runners of all experience levels. Whether you’re running 10 miles a week or 100, you should focus on taking a few workouts off the road. Here are a few of our favorite ways to get some crucial cross-training: Strength Training You’ve heard it a thousand times – runners need to add strength training to their weekly routine. Just one of…

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3 Reasons to Sign Up for a Spring Race

Whether you’re new to running outdoors in the cold weather, or a hardy New Englander, we all hit a point in the season where we feel like we just can’t take another step. In Maine especially, we never know what we’re going to get. One day it’s mid-40s (shorts weather) and the next it’s -12 with a wind chill and we’re wearing so many layers range of motion becomes near impossible. These factors can often discourage the most dedicated of runners from outdoor winter training, but you are seriously missing out if you let that happen. Though our training is…

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